Special Sessions and Technical Committee Tracks

Applied AI for measurement uncertainty and decision making in machine intelligent diagnosis

  • Ruqiang Yan
  • Xingwu Zhang
  • Chuang Sun

Artificial Intelligence in Instrumentation and Measurement: from the metrological characterization to the application in real scenarios

  • Marco Carratù
  • Antonio Pietrosanto

Edge Computing for Smart and Low Power Sensing in emerging applications

  • Tommaso Polonelli
  • Michele Magno

Electrochemical Measurements for Sensors and Energy Applications

  • Leonardo Iannucci
  • Francesco Di Franco
  • Andrea Zaffora

Green approaches in measurement science for Circular economy

  • Carlo Trigona
  • Salvatore Graziani

Innovative Measurement and methodologies for future communication systems and applications

  • Gianfranco Miele
  • Federico Tramarin
  • Emiliano Sisinni

Innovative measurement systems for indoor environmental quality, comfort and well-being

  • Nicole Morresi
  • Sara Casaccia
  • Gian Marco Revel

Instrumentation and measurement for improving quality, reliability and safety: new perspectives for research and industry

  • Lorenzo Ciani
  • Marcantonio Catelani
  • Loredana Cristaldi
  • Giulio D'Emilia

Interpretable, efficient deep learning for intelligent monitoring of industrial equipment

  • Weihua Li
  • Shibin Wang

Metrological performance of Low cost platforms for measurement applications

  • Paolo Castello
  • Stefano Rinaldi

Sensors, Instrumentation, and Artificial Intelligence technologies for Environmental Measurement and Modeling

  • Tuan Guo
  • Der-Chen Huang
  • Chi-Hung Hwang
  • Huan Liu

Smart textile-based instruments for industrial applications

  • Stefano Rossi
  • Juri Taborri