Remote Operation of Regasification Terminal Sg Udang, Melaka

Abstract: Situated 3 kms offshore Sungai Udang, Melaka, the Regasification Terminal (RGT) is considered an engineering feat by the industry. Developed based on a revolutionary design, it comprises the world’s first-of-its-kind re-gasification unit on an island jetty (JRU), two floating storage units (FSU) and a three-km sub-sea pipeline connecting to a new 30-km onshore pipeline that links to PGB’s existing Peninsular Gas Utilisation (PGU) pipeline network. RGT Sg Udang (RGTSU) was designed-in with remotely operated and controlled in 2022. It was initially designed to be operated locally since its commissioning back in 2017 when the 1st LNG Cargo was first loaded into the terminal. After June 2022, RGTSU has been normally unmanned, and remote-controlled from an onshore operations centre at Segamat Operation Centre, Johor more than 100 km away. The presentation will give an introduction to the design of the automation and industrial 5G private network-based telecom systems for remote operation of RGTSU from shore, and the experience from the recently commissioned as normally unmanned as Remote operation.

Sharul A Rashid 

Sharul is Group Technical Authority & Custodian Engineer, Instrument & Control in PETRONAS. He is currently the President, International Society of Automation (SA) Malaysia. He has more than 30 years of experience in instrumentation & control for oil refinery & petrochemical,  gas liquefaction plants including pipeline transmission facilities and advises PETRONAS-group wide plants and facilities on instrument, control, process safety and cybersecurity issues 

At national level, he is permanent member for IEC SC TC65 WG Industrial Networks and Smart Manufacturing NSC 19 and Vice-Chair Digital Connected Society (Malaysia)  Globally, he holds various key positions:

  • Co-Chair Certification Working Group (OPAF)
  • Vice-Chair Instrument Automation Standards Steering Committee, IOGP (International Oil & Gas Producers)
  • Co-Steering Committee of JIP33 (Joint Industry Program), IOGP
  • Voting member for ISA 75 (Valve Actuator)

Sharul is an “Expert” ISA IEC 62443 Certification in Cybersecurity. He also is a certified Functional Safety Engineer since 2011